Keys To Using Shipment Impact Indicators Successfully

If you're trying to ship potentially sensitive items, then preventing damage should be a top priority. Shipment impact indicators can help with this, which will go off if excessive force is applied to them. You can make the most out of these resources thanks to these tactics.

Determine an Appropriate Level of Activation Force

Shipment impact indicators can be customized in terms of the activity required to set them off. This is something you need to think carefully about so that you can continue to improve how sensitive items are shipped from one location to another.

What amount of force would be considered excessive to the point of causing damage? You need to figure this out so that you can customize shipment impact indicators correctly and thus gain meaningful insights from them going forward. You may need to try out different sensitivity levels too as to figure out what's truly going to work for these indicators.

Find Indicators That Are Accurate 

Once you figure out what level of sensitivity these shipment impact indicators need to be set at to properly monitor the shipping of fragile items, you need to find a set of indicators that are accurate and will remain so throughout shipping. Then you'll be able to gain meaningful data about how shipping went and provide this data to recipients as well.

You'll have ample confidence in the shipment impact indicators you get from a supplier if they've been through ample testing and their accuracy is thus proven. Then you can trust false positive activations don't occur frequently. 

Make Sure They're Weatherproof

Your packages may end up going through various elements outside and that means your shipment impact indicators will too since they'll be placed directly on this packaging. Thus, you want to make sure you get indicators that are completely weatherproof.

Then you'll have more protection qualities to enjoy as to keep these indicators in perfect condition and thus able to respond to excessive force if it's picked up. You can confirm a weatherproof quality with a supplier when you purchase these indicators, so you don't take any chances with their condition and performance. 

If you want to monitor the shipment of fragile packages to determine if damage has occurred or not, then you can use shipment impact indicators. As long as you choose the right variety and use them strategically, they'll give you and recipients meaningful data on how shipments went. 

Contact a service provider to learn more about shipment impact indicators.