Do You Have A Messy Warehouse Storage Area Because Of Broken Pallets? Get The Following Pallets, Cones And Signs

If you manage or own a warehouse and you are tired of the mess that comes with traditional pallets, like the breaking and splintering, it's time to upgrade your products. When the staff overstack and damage the pallets, this causes a mess in the warehouse and puts the packaged or stored items at the risk of destruction. Look at the budget and consider the following options for your organization and storage needs around the warehouse.

Reusable Pallets

Plastic reusable pallets are ideal for manufacturing businesses that must store and stack items throughout a warehouse. The pallets have the following benefits:

  • The plastic is easy to clean if needed
  • Plastic will not have wood cracks or splintered pieces
  • Reusable pallets can be composed of recycled plastic
  • They are recyclable or can be used again by other companies

Reusable pallets are a smart investment for long-term use and a durable option for business owners.

Proper Cones and Wall Signs

If you need people to realize when not to stack pallets, or not to stack things on the pallets, cones and wall signs can be used to help. When stacking heavy loads or not following the weight regulations on the pallets, you can end up with complications.

Get cones to put on or around the pallets that are labeled with warnings not to stack. Some have rods that go through openings in the cones to further push the point and prevent stacking. Wall signs with pictures and warnings can be efficient as well. Wall signs can also be used to show weight limits on pallets around the building.

Two-Story Storage Options

People may over stack the pallets because of the available space. Consider industrial racks around the warehouse if you have a forklift in the building. This can create a lot of extra space and make it easier for management to see inventory. Factor in the weight of the items that need to be stored, to know what storage racks will be the best for your interior storage needs.

If wood pallets are making a mess in your warehouse and costing you money to have to delivered regularly, it's time to upgrade to a more reliable and durable storage option. Get the necessary tools and accessories to label where things should go, what the weight limitations are, and how to properly store them around your facility.

For more information about these products, contact a local company, like Constructive Designs.