Diagnosed With Agoraphobia And Live Alone? 2 Things You Can Have Delivered Until You Feel Better

There are many different types of agoraphobia you may have. One type you may not be able to leave your home at all no matter if you are alone or with other people. Another type you can leave your home but only if you are with someone you trust and only in what you consider a safe environment. If you have the type where you cannot leave your home, below are two things you can have delivered to you


With some people, agoraphobia results in severe panic attacks. If this is you, you will have symptoms like a racing heart, shortness of breath, dizziness, sudden chills, pressure in your chest, and more. To help with these problems, you doctor likely prescribed you medication. Some people may also become depressed and a doctor may prescribe an anti-depressant along with these medications to help with this.

If you have no one to pick up your medications for you, there are services that will deliver your prescriptions to your door, like On Time Delivery.  You must submit a prescription to these services. Many of these services also have a mobile app that you can track where your medications are and ask for a refill.

Because this is medication they will bring it directly to your door instead of putting it in your mailbox. This way you will not have to go outside.


Another type of delivery you can have is groceries. Log onto your favorite grocery store's website and see if they offer this service. If so, they will have a list of food on their site that you can add to your cart. They generally have the food in different groups like they do in the store. For example, all breads together, all produce together, etc.

Once you finish adding your items to the cart you will have a total. You can then pay for your groceries with a debit or credit card. You can schedule a time for the groceries to be delivered to you. If you are too scared to let the delivery person bring the groceries into your home, they can leave them directly at your door or simply place them right inside the door.

You should have a tip ready to give to the delivery person, just as you would tip a pizza delivery driver, etc.  As a rule, you should tip approximately 10% of your total bill.

These two things should be very helpful for you while you are going through your treatment.