4 Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid In Packaging

In the rush to guarantee that customers' orders are shipped on time, it can be easy to make mistakes with the packaging. Unfortunately, those mistakes could be egregious enough to customers that they refuse to order from your business again. To ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition, it is important to understand the mistakes that could lead to bad packaging.   

Underestimating Your Packaging and Shipping Needs

One of the issues that can lead to poor packaging is underestimating your business's needs. When your business is faced with meeting higher-than-expected packaging and shipping demands, poor planning can lead to serious mistakes.   

When planning for deliveries, you need to first focus on what your needs were during the same period last year. You can use those figures to determine your starting point when it comes to planning. At the minimum, you need to be prepared to meet those needs.   

Selecting the Wrong Boxes

The boxes in which your products are shipped play an important part in how successful your packaging is. If the box is too weak, it more than likely will not be able to withstand traveling on a delivery truck. Other boxes stacked on it could easily crush it and lead to damaged products.   

When assessing boxes, consider the strength of the box and choose accordingly. For instance, you can opt for double walled corrugated boxes if you want to ensure that your boxes will not be crushed during shipping.  

Opting for Non-Recyclable Packaging

Whether or not you realize it, many of your customers are environmentally conscious. Therefore, it makes sense to make your packaging as environmentally friendly as possible.  

When it is possible, opt for recyclable packaging materials. Although they might be a tad pricier than non-recyclable materials, you can potentially win more customers to your business by promoting the fact that you are doing your part for the environment. 

Improperly Taping Box

A box that has been compromised will surely turn off customers. Your customers want to be sure their packages have not been tampered with on its way to their homes.  

The taping on the box needs to be properly done to keep it open. Ideally, the taping should not only close the box, but also cover the seams to prevent it from being easily opened. If you opt for an H-pattern taping style, if the box is pushed on, it will not easily give.  

A professional packaging company like Packaging Center Inc can help you avoid these mistakes and many others that could impact the quality of your product deliveries.