Choosing A Shipping Service For Your Online Book Store: What To Look For

Selling books online is a great way to make money without having to have physical space for your customers to browse. All you need is a website (or an e-commerce site where you can list the titles you have), and a great shipping company you trust to get purchases to your customers on time and without damage. Here are things you should look for in a shipping service for your online book store.

Same-day shipping

Same-day shipping means that your customers can pay an additional fee to receive their book within a 24 hour period. In some cases, they can even get their book on the exact day they ordered it. What's great about this service is that if a customer's order does not arrive to them on time, the shipping company you use is responsible for refunding them their costs, not your store. Another benefit is that if you have customers who need a book rapidly for school, a lecture, or just because they want to read it for their book club, they can feel more inclined to order from your online store since they can get what they need right away.

Cheaper packaging

You want to choose a shipping company that offers affordable packaging so your customers are paying as little for shipping costs as possible. This means using a company that provides a durable shipping paper over cardboard boxes, or even a plastic shipping bag that can be made airtight to the books being bought. This creates cheaper shipping fees, or allows you to offer a flat-rate shipping price on all purchases- you simply pay the difference for costlier items while your customers buying single books pay more to balance everything out in the end.

Free pickup

With customers ordering books from your online store every day, you should be able to receive some perks from your shipping service for being a valuable and loyal customer. Enlist in a shipping company that offers free pickup from your home so you don't have to go through the hassle of driving your deliveries to the shipping company yourself. You should also be able to easily print postage online for more convenient shipping. Ask if these options are available for larger purchases as a business owner before signing on with any shipping company.

Owning an online book store is a great entrepreneurial endeavor. With the right shipping company, you can have easier transactions and happy customers with books quickly in hand.