4 Driving Careers And Their Requirements

If you are looking for a career in driving, you may be wondering what options there. Luckily, there is a range of possibilities. Here are some common driving careers and their requirements:

Transporting Goods

The first type of driving career is transporting goods for companies. This involves driving a semi-truck and can mean that you work for long hours to make a certain schedule. The requirements for this job are typically that you are at least eighteen years old and hold a CDL (Commercial Driver's License). This is because driving an oversized vehicle is different than a normal car or truck. The training is typically between six and twelve weeks long. The advantages of this career are that you can travel and see the country and sometimes have large amounts of time off between shipments.

Tow Truck Driving

If you are a tow truck driver, you could work for a variety of companies. Tow trucks are needed to move vehicles that are stuck or illegally parked. The job entails odd hours sometimes, requiring you to work during the night. Also, you may need to be physically fit enough to lift chains and attach them to vehicles. Local state and government agencies typically affect the certification you will need. Typically you will need to pass a criminal background check and hold a valid driver's license in your state.

App-Powered Personal Driving

With the rise of popularity in apps that connect drivers with passengers with a few simple clicks or taps on a smartphone, driving for one of these services is a viable career. You can often set your own hours and select when you drive and who you drive by approving them on your app.

Typical requirements vary with each service, but you may need to: be over 21 years old, have multiple years of driving experience, have a valid driver's license in your state, have current car insurance, and sign a contract freeing the app service of any liability in the case of an accident.

Limousine Driver

Limo driving can be lucrative. People use limo drivers for weddings, nights out, and more. The requirements often include having a CDL as well as a clean driving record and criminal background. It is common to work nights as a limo driver.

Driving as as a career can come with many benefits. There can also be drawbacks. The list above is only a small portion of the opportunities available to you if you decide to enter a career in driving.