Three Ways To Get Products Shipped To Your Customers Cheaply And Quickly

As a business owner, you already know everything there is to know about shipping and delivery services, right? What if there was some new ways or methods of shipping products that not only shipped things to your customers faster but cheaper too? It saves you and the customers money and the products still get to them in record time. That is the kind of shipping you would want to offer, right? Well, those kinds of solutions are now available.

Shipping Companies Teaming Up with the Postal Service

Some of the most popular and widely used shipping companies in the U.S. have recently teamed up with the United States Postal Service. The benefits of these unions is two-fold. One, your customers get expedited shipping that costs less than it would if the products were sent via a single delivery service, and two, customers have the option of receiving the package via their local postal delivery by waiting one extra day or they can take the tracking number to the post office on the day that the post office receives the package from the other shipping company and pick their packages up there.

Flat Rates for Shipping

Another inexpensive and speedy shipping option is the flat rate method. Regardless of what the product is or even the weight of the products being shipped, if you can squeeze it into a specially marked shipping box or envelope, it ships at a flat rate. This flat rate also provides one- to two-day shipping anywhere in the continental United States (Hawaii and Alaska may require an extra day or two given their distance and the fact that a plane may be delivering the packages there). The only restriction that comes with this method of shipping is that you cannot send anything fragile, perishable, toxic or otherwise dangerous. Everything else, regardless of size or weight, is acceptable and accepted so long as it fits in the box or envelope. 

International Expedited Air Mail

If your packages are heading out of the country and going around the world, no one wants to wait two weeks to a month to get what they ordered. You can abbreviate the wait time while still getting their packages to them for an affordable amount of shipping. This is done through international expedited air mail, a service commonly provided by certain shippers who have direct access to international airports and flights and can schedule your pick-ups from your office and drop them off directly at the airport where they will await the next outgoing international flight.

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